The village of Mires is 53km south of Iraklion on the road Iraklion - Agia Varvara - Agii Deka - Mires. It is a busy commercial town in the centre of the Mesara Plain. There are a number of Byzantine churches in the area near Mires.

There is a very busy Saturday market in Mires, which attracts people from the surrounding area.

Historical data
The Byzantine church of Timios Stavros is a small, well-preserved, white-washed church. It is cruciform with a dome which has characteristic arches inside.
In the small village Monohoro, just north of Mires, is the Byzantine church of the Panagia. Take the road to Galia at the west entrance of Mires. About 500 metres before Galia a right turn on an unpaved road leads to Monohoro. The church of the Panagia contains frescoes of 1345, in one the donor is presented in a garden. The church has an unusual door with relief and paintings above the it. Another old collapsed church is just in front of the Panagia.

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