The village of Pitsidia is located 65 km southwest of Iraklion at an altitude of 80 m a.s.l, just before the magnificent bay of Messara. The village with aproximately 700 inhabitants is the seat of the Pitsidia-Matala community.
Pitsidia is the oldest village of the area and is refered (by S. Spanakis) that it was the place where the s oldiers of Nikiforos Fokas, commander of the Byzantine army, settled.

The army, famous for its bravery, came from Pisidia of the south Asia Minor, and this is probably the origin of the name Pitsidia.

The road from Iraklion is fairly good and passes through the Messara valley.
Regular public transportation is available for visiting Pitsidia-Matala.

The climate is temperate and it promotes longevity and well-being, as the inhabitants of the village are famous for their longevity.

Pitsidia is a quiet village, with a long tradition of hospitality. The spotlessly clean accommodation units, the taverns with their traditional cuisine, the cafes with their aroma of Greek coffee, as well as the cosmopolitan ambiance of the area during the summer months, warranty a memorable stay to all visitors.
Visitors are always welcomed at Pitsidia.
For more information about Pitsidia, you are invited to visit , or call, the offices of the Community Enterprise of Pitsidia (tel:+30-892-45340/45720).

The surrounding landscape is of exceptional natural beauty with archaeological and historical sites which attract a large number of tourists each year.

Within the Pitsidia community, 4 km to the southwest, lies the renowned resort of Matala.

At a distance of 1500 m. lies the long sandy beach and the antiquities of Kommos.

Also, the village of Pitsidia can be the starting point for outing and excursions to the archaeological sites in the broader area. Some of the most interesting sites are the ancient mansion of Pitsidia, the archaeological sites of Laggou, Phaistos, Agia Triada and Gortys, the monastery of Odigitria, the gorge of "Agiofarago".

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