The sea turtle CARETTA - CARETTA

Matala host a beautiful and endangered species turtle, known to us as CARETTA - CARETTA.

The special rescue team and all the inhabitants of Matala are trying to protect both turtles and their eggs until they hatch.
Females lay an average of four egg groups of 100 eggs. They return to the place they were born to deposit them. The incubation lasts two months.

An adult turtle weighs about 135 pounds and their skin color ranges from yellow to brown. The lifetime is from 47 to 67 years.

Some of the threats for the turtles are the plastic bags and garbage on the beaches, the noise of the night clubs, vehicles and fishing nets.

If you want to know more about the CARETTA – CARETTA you can visit a info kiosk near the caves of Matala.

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