The city of Heraklion or Iraklion is considered a most attractive Mediterranean capital with a variety of cultural and commercial events to offer to its residents and international guests. It has always been the business and social centre of Crete throughout its rich history.

Heraklion's International Airport, Nikos Kazantzakis, named after the native Cretan Greek writer and philosopher, along with Heraklion's shipping port and ferry dock welcome millions of visitors, Greek and international, every year. During the summer season, traffic is intense as both the harbor and the airport receive visitors and give further access to a multitude of destinations including mainland Greece, Greek islands, Cyprus, Egypt and Europe.

Heraklion plays host to many international conventions, important cultural and sporting events because of its large hotel and convention infrastructure. It is a city where warm hospitality, rich architecture, culture, leisure conveniences and urban nightlife have successfully intertwined to provide every visitor with a sincere Cretan stay. Visitors can take advantage of the variety of sights they could see and experience in and around the prefecture of Heraklion by investing some quality time with their loved ones and going on a tour, cultural or nature, to see this splendid island of Crete. For the independent visitor who doesn't want structured itineraries, exclusive tours can be arranged to fit their requests or fine car hire can be arranged to ensure a visitor a sound and comfortable ride on the coastal and inland roads.

Heraklion awaits to welcome all its guests and the Cretan people await to invite you to a bit of warm hospitality where music, food and drink are always on hand.

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