Matala MUSIC FESTIVAL (3 days)

A journey through time with lots of music and lots of events, the Matala beach festival offers every year, magical moments near the caves of Matala.

A celebration of love, freedom, singing and dancing with live concerts from famous bands, Greek and international music scene, lure you to a weekend participate in different, unique, that will surely be unforgettable!

Come and take part in the largest and multicultural party of the summer.

Find out the dates and important festival information on the official website of the organization.


Matala BEACH VOLLEY Tournament

Everything started from kids who had a passion for beach volley. Every day, the beach of Matala, divided into groups and played until the sun sets.

Their passion, their obstinacy and intensity that showed on the field turned out to be spectacle for all passersby and tourists for hours staring at them.

And reaching today, this passion has become a tradition every year to organize the official Tournament BEACH VOLLEY Matala.

Teams from all over Crete, but also throughout the world participate and show their love for the sport and their will to win.

At the end of the tournament a grand prize awaits the winners, while sharing commemorative medals to all participants and follows frantic celebration and fun until dawn!

Learn about the conduct dates and important tournament information on the official website of the organization.

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