Introducing: The Coolest Beach In The World

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I saw this overlooked Greek beach I very nearly rolled like a human boulder from a church's back door into its crashing electric blue surf. That's because my archaic insistence on using paper maps had put me on the wrong side of a village I was trying to find. When I finally pulled up to a small Greek Orthodox chapel in the hope of asking someone for directions, I didn't realize I would be on top of a bluff with swirling waves a couple hundred feet below.

That view had me swooning: a glorious expanse of liquid sky blue fringed by a wide arc of white-gold sand, ringed by pine green and beige mountains behind. In the distance, the uninhabited island of Paximadia seems custom-made to fire up your wanderlust. There are very many beaches in Europe that are, well, nice but also rather manicured and small. Here, petite just doesn’t apply. Kommos feels like a slice of heaping nature at the end of the earth and it's not something you can resist.

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