Lentas village

The name Lendas comes from the word lion (leondas) because the peninsula has the shape of a lion seen from high up. Lendas is an ancient Greek and Roman site, and has Byzantine churches of interest. It is also an anchorage point on the south coast of Crete.

A small friendly place reached by descending a steep and spectacular winding road, with no large hotels. A few cafes and tavernas and a special cafe (El Greco) with attractive gardens leading down to the sea. A small pebbly beach, and a steep background give this small place atmosphere. As it is quite popular it is often best to book accommodation in advance. Some spectacular sandy beaches are a moderate walk away, including Dytiko beach which has tavernas on its long sandy beach - popular nudist beach.

Lendas is an anchorage for small fishing boats, and has some tavernas and hotels. From Lendas you can visit Koudouma Monastery by boat.

Historical data
Lendas is the site of the ancient city Lebena. Although there was an early Minoan site in the area, Lebena flourished mainly during the Greek and Roman period when it was the harbour of Gortyn. There was a famous sanctuary for healing here with a temple of Asklipios from the fourth century B.C. At the site of the sanctuary, which is at the beginning of the modern village, one can see traces of Roman mosaic, Greek coloured pebble mosaic representing a sea horse, and marble steps among other features.

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