Red Beach

The Red Beach is superb for nudists. However getting there involves a steep climb followed by a steep descent. The Visitor has received some updated instructions for getting there. When you arrive in Matala town you find Zafirias hotel at your left hand. Immediately after this hotel take a left and fellow this road. When the asphalt finishes keep on to the dirt track and you are on the right path.

There is a less steep approach if you can find it. Continue through the town until you reach the sign on the left for the "Marinero" bar. To the left is a path sighposted to George s bar and the Mythos bar. Turn on to this path, but instead of turning immediately right towards the two bars, turn left past the front of an old house. This leads to the path over the hill.

Both routes join by a fence presumably intended to keep the goats under control. There is a gate opening on the path which leads down to the beach.
Be sure to carry refreshments for the walk, though; what is more, the refreshment hut has gone so you need supplies for your day there. The Dimitris revisited in September 2003 and increases his rating to 90% - it would be more if access was not so difficult.

However, another correspondent who visited in 1999 described the Red Beach as a clothing optional beach where he and his girlfriend didnt feel comfortable. There is an umbrella rental business. My correspondent thought there were too many umbrellas, one near another; so that if you want a quiet place, the Red Beach might not be the best place. Besides there are too many boats that carry people from and to Matala [that is an unfortunate development I agree], so the water is not so good. (his rating: 70%). His opinion (which I share): the people are destroying most of the places.

Better news from August 2001 - a correspondent reports that it seems that the umbrellas and the sunbeds are history as well as the refreshment hut.The sea was wonderful and "textiles" were a minority (less than 30%). The whole atmosphere was very friendly and peaceful. The Captain can personally confirm this impression following a visit in September 2000.

There is a Belgian gentleman who seems to live on this beach. For the last two years or so he has been trying to keep one end of it for the nudists so that it does not get taken over completely by textiles. When he sees people in the naturist area with clothes on he apparently asks them to leave or to strip. He is an artist, doing carvings from local stone.

What you find at Red Beach depends on the time of year. in high summer there are often lots of textiles but this can change from day to day. It can often depend on who gets to the beach first. A lot of people will strip once they see others nude so the best advice is, if you consider yourself a true nudist, strip off and set the standard. The Belgian has no time for textiles and does his best to discourage them. The Red Beach is well known as a nudist beach and textiles cant be surprised (and one does wonder why they bother to make the climb when there are so many textile beaches in the area). There are plenty of good beaches for textiles, they do not need to take over ours. Dont huddle into a corner. Do your bit for nudism and strip!

A report from June 2003 says the beach was 80% naturist. The umbrella business was still running and it cost 700 drachma per day to hire an umbrella or 5 euro to hire an umbrella and bed for day. My correspondent thinks I have made the climb to the beach as being worse than it is. So try it and make your own mind up!

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